“Hacking the Afterlife: Practical Advice from the Flipside” by Richard Martini

"Hacking the Afterlife: Practical Advice from the Flipside" by Richard Martini

"Everyone who has ever lived continues to exist on the Flipside and if possible, can be asked direct questions. This is the startling premise of Hacking the Afterlife which argues it's possible to obtain "new information" from people no longer on the planet. These "afterlife interviews" are conducted via various mediums, with people under deep hypnosis, or with people fully conscious yet able to access and remember details of previous lifetimes. The reports offer practical advice ("afterlife hacks") on how to navigate our lives and improve our planet.

Best selling author of Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife (also a film) and It's a Wonderful Afterlife, (both went to #1 at Amazon kindle) frequent guest on "Coast to Coast," explores the Flipside via mediums and other methods, "interviews" a variety of people who are no longer on the planet. Interviews with someone who claims to be Edgar Cayce "sleeping prophet," three different mediums who claim to be able to speak to Amelia Earhart, "conversations" with Robin Williams, the Artist formerly known as Prince, and a number of people who claim to have known the person known worldwide as the "Alpha and the Omega." The Author explores these accounts with an open mind, and invites the reader to do the same."