“The Power of the Trumps and Pips: Omnibus Edition” by Camelia Elias

"The Power of the Trumps and Pips: Omnibus Edition" by Camelia Elias

"This book is an omnibus edition that gathers three types of texts around the Marseille Tarot: two previously published works out of print, here in re-edited form, unpublished lectures, and new essays. The book features applications of the basic principles of reading the Marseille Tarot to the contextualization of current questions and concerns. The approach to reading the trump, court, and pip cards is informed, first, by observing the rules of formal design and composition as it connects to rhetoric and storytelling, and second, by martial arts in the Zen tradition of deconstructing language. The book offers pragmatic readings in relation to the diviner's larger aim and scope: to see the obvious. The range of the questions spans from reflections on personal power and agency to examples of how to seduce the plumber when he can't fix your pipes."