“Missing: The Fae Theory” by Gemma Jade

"Missing: The Fae Theory" by Gemma Jade

"When fairy tales don’t have a happy ending.

Welcome to the world of the fae, the real fae, not the beautiful creatures of nighttime children’s stories or animated movies. In the pages of this book, you won’t find tales of fanciful creatures dancing, playing, and singing. Instead, author and researcher, Gemma Jade will present a compelling theory of how these creatures may play a sinister role in the thousands of missing person cases that occur each year in our national parks and other parts of the world’s woodlands and forests.

So, come and take a walk through the darker world of the fairy tales you once knew. Don’t be first or last in line, don’t pick the berries, don’t wear anything red and keep an open mind for what you’ll learn in this book just might save your life."