“Beyond Nonduality: Transcending Form, God, and Even Existence Itself” by Andre Halaw

"Beyond Nonduality: Transcending Form, God, and Even Existence Itself" by Andre Halaw

"For many spiritual traditions, awakening to Nonduality — the interconnected, inseparable nature of all existence — represents the final step on the spiritual path. This, however, is simply not true, for while the universe is one inviolable whole, Nonduality is just as earthbound and limited as duality is. Thus, in order to transcend the suffering inherent in existence itself, we must transcend all forms, be they dualistic or Nondualistic, and awaken to the Nothingness that precedes existence entirely.

Beyond Nonduality offers a rare glimpse of a reality that few people even know exists, let alone have ever witnessed. If you are interested in experiencing what lies beyond the realm of form and matter, beyond even God, join Andre Halaw in this short work as he explores the nature of the universe and the Nothingness that makes existence possible."