“All About the Sixth Sense: Exploring the Extrasensory World” by Tom Pearson

"All About the Sixth Sense: Exploring the Extrasensory World" by Tom Pearson

"Call it telepathy or déjà vu, everybody is familiar with the sixth sense. This examination of supernatural abilities surveys the history and tradition of the sixth sense, presents recent research, and explains how everyone can become better aware of their sixth sense and develop it. Telepathy, predictive abilities, psychokinesis, psychic photography, levitation, psychomotor is, channeling, and other phenomena are explained here. In addition, other extrasensory experiences are explored, including the jinx, automatic writing, haunted houses, stigmata, astral travel, life after death, and so on.

This book is a practical guide that teaches the reader to reinforce and operate extrasensory abilities. Not only can "experts" use the power of the sixth sense, but everyone can. The book contains illustrations and photographs."