“How to Catch A Dream: 21 Ways to Dream (and Live) Bigger and Better” by Theresa Cheung

"How to Catch A Dream: 21 Ways to Dream (and Live) Bigger and Better" by Theresa Cheung

"Becoming a lucid dreamer means tuning into your mind, body and spirit to help you achieve anything you turn your intention to.

Dreams simmer up to the surface of our consciousness and disappear before we can catch them, let alone grasp what they mean. But what if we paid them more attention? What if we tapped into their power to learn more about ourselves, to transform our lives and to help us heal?

Theresa Cheung, dream expert and Sunday Times bestselling author of The Dream Dictionary from A to Z, shows you how all of this is possible in just three weeks. Through 21 easy-to-follow practices, such as Brain Charge, REM Expansion and Deep Unwind, not only will you become a lucid dreamer, but you will also embark on a journey of personal growth.

How to Catch a Dream will help you to approach the world with curiosity, tap into your creativity and connect with yourself to become more empowered and fulfilled in your waking life."