“Uncommon Sense: How to Discover the Psychic Inside You” by Patricia Einstein

"Uncommon Sense: How to Discover the Psychic Inside You" by Patricia Einstein

"Discover the psychic inside you! Uncommon Sense, by top New York psychic Patricia Einstein, is the only practical guide to developing and using the latent psychic and creative powers we all possess. Have you ever had a "hunch" that turned out to be absolutely correct? A mysterious feeling of deja-vu? A flash of inspiration that seemed to come from out of the blue? A dream that came true? Uncommon Sense shows you how to sharpen the psychic skills you were born with and use them to gain an uncanny advantage in everything from making a crucial career decision to locating a set of lost keys.

Known as "The Sensible Psychic," Einstein believes that intuition, inspiration, creative thought, and psychic ability are all part of an infinite—and infinitely useful human awareness that she calls uncommon sense. For years she's taught that unlocking this powerful potential within us all can lead to greater understanding, and ultimately, greater success in the world around us. Now she is making available what she has been teaching in corporate seminars and private consultations alike: how to make the secrets of a psychic work for you in your everyday life.

Uncommon Sense offers step-by-step instructions, mental exercises, and practical advice to teach you how to read the future, tell time without a clock, and perceive the thoughts of others. As a budding psychic you will also learn how to locate lost objects (without moving an inch), enhance concentration, avoid bad decisions, increase creativity, and recognize a psychic message when one comes to you. Einstein provides instruction on classic psychic techniques like imaging (picking up and sending mental pictures), psychometry (receiving impressions from personal objects), and dream interpretation. There's even an insider's guide to telling the difference between a real psychic and a charlatan and getting the most from a psychic session.

Uncommon Sense makes perfect sense for anyone who wants to tap into his or her own psychic resources and use them to advantage in the real world."