“The Changing Sky: A Practical Guide to Predictive Astrology” by Steven Forrest (2nd edition)

"The Changing Sky: A Practical Guide to Predictive Astrology" by Steven Forrest (2nd edition)

"In this sequel to the award-winning and critically acclaimed book on basic astrology, The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest shines light on the techniques of predictive astrology. Seen through Forrest's unique Evolutionary framework, you'll learn the foundational techniques of forecasting – transits and progressions.

Steven begins with an introduction to the philosophy behind his approach to astrological forecasting, or predictive techniques. He describes the potentials each outer planet represents in terms of their ability to funtion as "Teachers or Tricksters". And he describes each inner planets style of energy as a trigger for unfolding events or processes. He follows with descriptions for each of the houses in a forecasting context, and the tasks each house represents.

In the transits section you'll learn how to read the meaning of the current positions of the planets in the sky compared to one's birth chart. And in the next section, you'll learn progressions — how each planet in the birth chart evolves over time.

The progressions section includes descriptions for each of the planets, the progressed Moon through the houses and signs, and the changing angles (Midheaven and Ascendant).

This second edition (first published in 1998) includes the addition of Chapter 10, which includes complete descriptions of the progressed planets in aspect to each of the natal planets. This section alone has made this one of the most popular modern reference books for transits and progressions readings.

Finally you'll learn The Art of Synthesis — how to distill this complex information into a reading or personal chart exploration. The book ends with an example of the techniques applied to Vincent Van Gogh's life using his birth chart.

With a focus on personal freedom and responsibility, this practical guide to predictive astrology shows the reader how to make better life choices and literally create the future by tracking the positions of the planets in motion and aligning one's personal energies with the planetary Changing Sky."