“Titans’ Magick: Pathworkings of the Hellenic Primordial Gods” by Hecateus Apuliensis

"Titans' Magick: Pathworkings of the Hellenic Primordial Gods" by Hecateus Apuliensis

"In this grimoire you will learn the pathworkings to work your magick with the Titans, the first generations of Gods of the Greek pantheon, forefathers of the Olympians. Through the powers of twenty-two deities, you as magicians will be able to change your reality and shape it in accordance to your Will. The primordial force and energy of the first Gods will now be at your disposal to create the life you want. There are not so many sorcery books about the mighty Titans, but with this book you will learn about them and what magick they can offer to those who dare. It doesn't matter what is your path, whether you're a pagan witch, a chaotee or an eclectic magician, this grimoire will show you what Titans can do for you and help you grow spiritually and change your reality. Embrace the power of these chthonian beings and become what your inner self truly desires.

As a bonus, in this book you will learn how to perform the ritual of the four pillars and their Titans to add another powerful magick to your arsenal. Also you will have some tips to take further your pathworking. Another extra you will find is a chapter on Hecate herself, where I discuss briefly her role and powers adding also her pathworking to help the magician to contact her easily.
This book can be read as a standalone or together with Olympians’ Magick in order to have an even more complete vision of this system created for you. Don’t wait any longer and dive into a new exciting magick and let your titanic power arise!"