“The Oracle of Geomancy: Practical Techniques of Earth Divination” by Stephen Skinner

"The Oracle of Geomancy: Practical Techniques of Earth Divination" by Stephen Skinner

"This practical book shows you how to use Geomancy to tell the future, find out hidden things and answers to perplexing questions, as well as helping in everyday decisions and solving of major life-changing dilemmas. Like the I Ching, geomancy gives counsel concerning the right action or the most profitable action. As long as the initial figure is derived from earth, then the answers will be sound. This means that pencil dashes on paper are not enough, the initial figure must be generated with a wand used with a bed of earth or sand. Astrology divines by the stars, geomancy by the earth. Taken together as astro-geomancy (see chapter 10) they form a unique practical system for delving into the configurations of the present and their likely outcomes in the future."