“Practical Kabbalah for Magic & Protection” by Vanessa Lampert

"Practical Kabbalah for Magic & Protection" by Vanessa Lampert

"For hundreds of years, scholars have studied the Kabbalah to reach new levels of spirituality and enlightenment. More recently, lay people and prominent celebrities such as Madonna, Roseanne, and Jerry Hall have turned to the Kabbalah to connect with their higher selves, maximize intuition, heal their spirits, and protect themselves from negative influences. With this accessible and beautiful volume, you can harness the power of this complex belief system for healing and protection. Use talismans, amulets, visualizations, and prayers to ward off the evil eye and other misfortunes, as well as to repel negative energies. Learn meditations for healing the body and the aura, to bring harmony and tranquility, to help express and receive love, and more. Kabbalistic practices are also included for dream interpretation, to turn a bad dream into a good dream, for divination, and for sexual magic."