“Mind Sight: TRAINING TO SEE WITHOUT EYES Pilot Program for Adults” by Sean McNamara

"Mind Sight: TRAINING TO SEE WITHOUT EYES Pilot Program for Adults" by Sean McNamara

"Mind Sight, also known as "seeing without eyes," has recently become well known thanks to the internet and social media. This book is a training manual intended for adults who seek to learn seeing without eyes in the comfort of their own home to experience it themselves. This is not designed for adults who are severely visually impaired.

This text includes many exercises and access to downloadable materials from the book's website. Most importantly, it offers a day-by-day practice program that can last the reader anywhere from one to three years, depending on how regularly one engages in the training. The exercises are for self-training. No partners, groups, or instructors are needed. Training with others can be beneficial, though. These exercises are easily modified to use with a partner in person or over the internet. For those who cannot afford expensive international training events, or who would prefer solo training for any other reason, this book is ideal.

Learning to perceive colors, shapes, black and white, letters, and numbers are significant portions of the training. Boredom-busters and ideas for keeping things fresh are included. The paperback version of this book also includes a training log/journal, so that readers can track their progress and record their insights.

Mind Sight includes personal guidance and anecdotes from the author's own training experiences. This book is designed for adult learners only, as adults tend to learn this ability more slowly than children. The reader's patience, grit, openness, curiosity, humor, as well as a fun and relaxed attitude are required.

Being a self-motivated person is extremely important for this process. This book is a pilot program. Therefore, results will largely depend on how much time and effort the reader applies to it, as well as other conditions of daily life (i.e. stress). Nothing is guaranteed. Those who train regularly may realize various meditative and self-developmental benefits.

Readers who engage the training will need to purchase simple materials listed in the book for their home training. These materials are typically available in craft, hobby, and office supply stores."