“Easy Ecstasy: Using Hypnosis to Produce Mystical Experience” by Dan Washburn

"Easy Ecstasy: Using Hypnosis to Produce Mystical Experience" by Dan Washburn

"Little-known scientific research on self-hypnosis and hypnosis can help you create your own mystical experiences. A path to cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, and bliss opens up as you learn to develop spiritual trances. The book includes reprints of clinical and laboratory studies done at major universities. Part 1 reviews six psychological research studies that prove the startling fact that as you go deeper into hypnosis you have experiences similar to what are known as samadhi, satori, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, or mystical bliss. Part 2 reviews fourteen methods from the psychological literature that use hypnotic trance to produce mystical experiences. Part 3 has articles on the use of trance to produce spiritual experience in Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian mysticism. Jesus the Mystic gives evidence that Jesus himself was a master of trance ascension to the heaven world to see and unite with the light of the divine glory. Part 4 reprints most of the basic research studies that were reviewed in Part 1. It includes an article by Milton Erickson, MD, the twentieth century’s greatest researcher on hypnosis, called Deep Hypnosis and Its Induction. Throughout this book we are relying on little-known psychological research from the clinic and the laboratory on how to reach mystical states."