“A Gnostic Book of Hours : Keys to Inner Wisdom” by June Singer (1988 edition)

"A Gnostic Book of Hours : Keys to Inner Wisdom" by June Singer (1988 edition)

"Preserved in great earthen jars, buried in the Egyptian desert, and fabled to be discovered only when they could be properly understood, the banned gospels of the second-century Gnostics speak to the personal, social, and environmental concerns of contemporary seekers in the timeless “soul’s language”—the rich and enigmatic language of dreams, art, and literature.

Emphasizing inner wisdom over external authority, gnostic texts discuss the direct relationship between the individual and the divine, spirituality in a materialistic world, the need for masculine and feminine balance in all things, and our ability to confront evil and chaos by acknowledging connection and interrelatedness.

The book of hours divides the day into eight periods of guided meditation designed to remind us of the divine presence in our everyday lives. Each period includes seven brief excerpts from Gnostic scripture—one for each day of the week—and is followed by Singer’s sage commentary.

Read daily, at random, or straight through from beginning to end, these readings and reflections challenge, inspire, and comfort as they call forth the “sparks of divinity” present, though perhaps unrecognized, in every person."