“Tao of Manifestation: The Taoist way to do real magic” by Barefoot Doctor

"Tao of Manifestation: The Taoist way to do real magic" by Barefoot Doctor

"Taoism was first renowned in the West among hippies for its magic – the ability to make things manifest with great ease, hardly without even having to twitch your nose to make things happen. It's a system based entirely on combining clear intention, focusing chi in a clear stream in the direction of the object or outcome of desire, and grace. In this instance grace or 'te' (literally virtue) refers to the state of not caring one way or the other whether your magic works, because you're so fully aware you're already in receipt of the greatest manifestation there can ever be: existence and a human body and consciousness with which to experience and enjoy it.

This is the enlightened state. It implies consistent awareness of the Tao, the Great Way of things keeping everyone and everything in motion, the only constant factor in an otherwise fully transient universe. The grace of acquiescence to what is provides the basis for interceding and guiding the flow of events in your direction.

Paradoxically, though the practice is ostensibly about getting what you want without trying through indulging this external focus but in the prescribed way, you find yourself led swiftly along the path to full transcendence so you truly don't give a damn whether things go this way or that.

And it's only when you have the grace to allow life to unfold as it will, that it responds to the beauty in your soul and grants you the boon of miraculous manifestation.

And this is the book that shows you how.

This is the revised version of the title first published in 2004 as Manifesto, and over the years the feedback about its startling efficaciousness has been consistently superlative."