“The Alchemy Workbook: A Six-Month Course Using Kitchen Ingredients” by Marcus Katz

"The Alchemy Workbook: A Six-Month Course Using Kitchen Ingredients" by Marcus Katz

"Using little more than kitchen salt and a few basic ingredients, discover how to apply alchemy in your life, turning the lead of everyday life into the gold of spiritual transformation!

This workbook contains everything you need to experience the magic of alchemy; simple practical exercises, dream-work , visualisation, and rituals.

Contents include: Six monthly modules containing six sections each, gradually introducing alchemical concepts through contemplation, practical and meditation exercises; academic sections on key alchemical texts; reading sections from historical texts; insights into magic, Rosicrucianism, the Hypnogogic State between sleeping and waking, and much more.

With over 100 footnotes, an extensive reading list and references, this book has been created from thirty years of study, experience and testing of what actually works!"