“Tarosophy Squared: Recovering the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot” by Marcus Katz

"Tarosophy Squared: Recovering the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot" by Marcus Katz

Tarosophy Squared is the long awaited sequel to Tarosophy, the book which changed the way Tarot was read at the turn of the century and started a revolution in tarot reading. In Tarosophy Squared, the reader will be introduced to the 21 Tarot Principles and the living wisdom of the tarot through contemplations on archetypes, symbols and keywords. The Tarot Principles also provide a syllabus of study for the beginner or advanced reader.

This intermediate book works with new ways of reading the Minor Arcana, and powerful methods of using the Major Arcana in everyday tarot readings. The original concepts of split-deck methods and oracular sentences are taken to profound new depths in powerful new ways to read your cards. It also provides easy ways to look at the Court cards, for immediate answers to complex situations.

A section on Reading the Major Arcana provides a one-month built-in course to get the reader using the Major Arcana and reversals for powerful readings, culminating in a ten-card layout with only the Major Arcana and reversals, to which the course takes the reader.

Tarosophy Squared presents a collection of Tarot Incantos, verse-forms which are created from the structure of the deck itself, presenting insights to the relationships between the cards and real life in a creative manner. One Incanto, the Pyramid of Existence, reads every Major Arcana card through the lens of the last card in the sequence, building a mystical three-dimensional pattern of the Arcana for contemplation.

At over 120,000 words and ten years in the writing, this book showcases the state-of-art and bleeding edge of Tarot and Tarosophy for the 21st century.”