“The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can’t Unread” by MrCreepyPasta et al

"The Creepypasta Collection: Modern Urban Legends You Can't Unread" by MrCreepyPasta et al

"A terrifying, thrilling collection of must-read horror stories chock-full of nightmarish supernatural beings and the murderously disturbed that are sure to keep you up all night long.

“If you place this book back on the shelf now, you'll save yourself!” —MrCreepyPasta

​There are stories that scare you. And then there are the dark and disturbing creepypasta stories that will leave you seriously freaked out. The Creepypasta Collection is an unsettling anthology of terror, full of nightmares and dangerous creatures—from unearthly supernatural beings to the murderously disturbed. So, lock the doors, check under the bed, turn up the lights, and get ready for an unforgettable, up-all-night journey into the heart of darkness."