“PACKING: Supercharge Your Hands” by Scott Meredith

"PACKING: Supercharge Your Hands" by Scott Meredith

"Dozens of incredibly effective methods for streaming the internal power of "ki" to and through your arms and hands, for martial arts, healing, calligraphy, or any other purpose. PACKING can be viewed as the most direct sequel to the original Tai Chi classic JUICE Radical Taiji Energetics, in that:

It is style-neutral, sampling from a variety of methods
It further details the ARC training process

But though it picks up directly from JUICE, it also functions entirely stand-alone for anybody from any background or no background who desires to begin working directly with the internal power experience. PACKING presents dozens of straight-forward techniques for igniting the inner hand, drawn from a wide variety of Eastern disciplines. It is a 'Greatest Hits' collection of internal energy drill methods. "