“Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond Our Senses: Dialogues with Courageous Scientists” by Gayle Kimball et al

"Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond Our Senses: Dialogues with Courageous Scientists" by Gayle Kimball et al

"The Mysteries of Knowledge Beyond the Senses: Dialogues with Courageous Scientists reports on the current research and personal characteristics of 22 visionaries from the US and the UK. They reveal information about learning from other dimensions, altered states of consciousness, extrasensory perception, dreams, near-death experiences, remote viewing, parapsychology, etc.

Vanguard scientists believe there is more than what we see and are formulating a non-materialist paradigm that expands human potential, including mind and matter interaction. Going against the dominant worldview evokes ridicule, as in "Why study flying pigs?" The book explores the personal backgrounds of the scientists to find out why they are so courageous.

We learn that there are other dimensions that allow for enhanced abilities, based on extensive interviews by Gayle Kimball, the award-winning author of 20 books who does clairvoyant work. The trilogy includes books about the mysteries of reality and healing."