“Matrix Magic: The Mad Memer’s Guide to SocioMagic and Deep Societal Knowledge” by R. Kirk Packwood

"Matrix Magic: The Mad Memer's Guide to SocioMagic and Deep Societal Knowledge" by R. Kirk Packwood

"Matrix Magic is societal magic with a utopian twist. *Societal magic* is a sociospiritual discipline and art, involving work with spiritual elements, forces, and currents operating behind and embedded within human societies. Matrix Magic is focused at the point where sociocultural physical and ideological manifestation, laws, norms, and elements meet the realm of spirit. This metaphysical point is called the *sociospiritual realm*. Societal magic can be used to unlock and work with the occult mysteries, Societal Archetypes, machinations, and forces present within human societies.

In addition, Matrix Magic can provide protection from and understanding of active and latent forms of negative influence initiated and perpetuated by omnipresent hostile societal^forces and ^elements. Within the Matrix Magic system, negative societal forces and elements are referred to as the *AntiMatrix*."