“The World’s Most Infamous Cults of All Time” by Conrad Bauer

"The World's Most Infamous Cults of All Time" by Conrad Bauer

"Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been cults—shadowy organizations led by figures who rose up to teach beliefs that went against the mainstream and then, through sheer charisma and power of personality, managed to accumulate a group of fanatic followers.

From ancient acolytes of syncretic religious systems such as Manichæism to more recent cults such as the People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate, people have lived and died for belief systems that most of us view as being flawed—if not downright dangerous, deadly, and diabolical.

How do these cults get such dedicated disciples? How are they so tightly organized and controlled? Just what is it that makes a cult—a cult?

Come along with us as we answer these questions and many more. Get ready to be mesmerized, stupefied, and bewildered, folks, because here in this book we will take a look at some of the world’s most infamous cults."