“The Magick of Writing” by Charles Mage

"The Magick of Writing" by Charles Mage

"The Magick of Writing is an occult manual that reveals the magical craft of writing. In the Old Days, the act of writing was considered sacred. It was magical. Today, writing is seen as nothing more than a way to communicate with people. Although the art and beauty of writing remain recognized, its rich magical identity has been lost. As a magical practitioner, you should know that writing is magic. When you write, you spell the words. You are casting a spell.

Whether you want to explore the world of magic through writing or if you simply want to express your emotions and thoughts, then this manual is for you. Indeed, there is much magic in writing that you can learn and benefit so much from it. This manual shall be your guiding light. As you write, you will understand yourself better and discover your soul — the soul that is always infinite and pure.

The Magick of Writing is not a manual that you read and forget. Rather, it will give you a foundation to actually experience the craft of magic through writing. If you appreciate the written words, then this is for you. Take note that just like any other art form, magic through writing also takes time and practice. This manual will provide you with essential theories and practices that will definitely allow you to experience magic on a deep personal level."