“Playing Cards: Predicting Your Future” by Hali Morag

"Playing Cards: Predicting Your Future" by Hali Morag

"This easy-to-understand guide will take you step by step through the process of predicting your future. You'll learn how each card has its own special meaning. You'll see how the location of the cards and how they are spread before the reader provide a total, descriptive picture of life and love. Known for their accuracy, the cards will answer your questions about what is awaiting you down the path of life – and how you have the power to redirect your future. The book contains helpful illustrations and instructions, and is an essential part of the new age library.

Hali Morag was born to a family whose origin were in Hungary, a country where Gypsies excelled in the reading of cards. A specialist in Tarot, which he learned from his mother, the author went on to study the art of foretelling the future in playing cards. Morag has a long list of private clients and is the author of guides to Tarot and palmistry. He lives between Israel, India, and France."