“The Wisdom of the Kabbalah” by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

"The Wisdom of the Kabbalah" by Dan Cohn-Sherbok

"The Kabbalistic tradition (the mystical branch of Judaism) is driven by humanity's yearning to experience the ecstasy of God's presence. A profound and mysterious movement over two thousand years old, it is characterised by the intensity of the spiritual experiences recorded by its greatest mystics.

This vivid anthology draws widely on the works of both these individual thinkers, and on such writings as the Book of Zohar (Book of Splendor) and the Sefer Yetsirah (Book of Creation) to offer a wealth of words both inspired and inspiring. The themes in this collection range from the human preoccupations of happiness and virtue to such divine matters as the nature of infinity and the idea of glory, interspersed with thoughts on meditation and the health of the soul.

Enlightening and engaging, this little handbook of Kabbalistic wisdom will provide spiritual nourishment and food for thought for readers of all backgrounds."