“Level 2 Radionics” by Peter V. Radatti

"Level 2 Radionics" by Peter V. Radatti

"Radionics is your doorway to a magical world that has always been there and always will be. It is not magic but a spiritual art that gives you fundamental abilities to modify reality. Learning Radionics connects you to yourself and at a very elemental level to existence itself. As a spiritual art you will learn that almost anything can be within your grasp. There is resistance and there is God's will but otherwise the world is open. Improve yourself in ways you could not believe prior. Become successful at your chosen profession, make friends, understand how existence itself works. Radionics is safe in that a well-made device will act as a buffer between you and various detrimental things. Radionics is forgiving. Do something incorrectly but thought you did it correctly, it will work anyway. Learn how to use libraries that you can purchase from advanced practitioners of the art that allows you to operate at their level from day one. Demonstrate competency in the first book in this series and I believe that is basically the equivalent of a college associate degree in Radionics. Demonstrate competency on the contents of Level-2 Radionics and I believe that is the equivalent of a college bachelor’s degree in Radionics. Level-2 Radionics will provide you with new tools, new procedures and new ways of thinking about reality. You will learn to think of existence as information layered upon information and that when we are working with Radionics we are modifying the information that is the underpinning of existence. Radionics is something you can do alone or with friends but most of all, it is fun!"