“Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth” by Ariann Thomas

"Healing Family Patterns: Ancestral Lineage Clearing for Personal Growth" by Ariann Thomas

"Transform the ancestral wounds and burdens carried from fomer generations that adversely influence your life life today. The DNA of the past does not control you Now!

Our ancestor's DNA runs through our physical, mental, emotional bodies. Their energetic patterns continue flowing in our lives unless we take charge of clearing the unhealthy patterns holding us back in this lifetime. Is it time for you to change your life?

Ariann describes a Shamanic journeying healing technique that releases the negative patterns of ancestors who influence our present life. By a combination of description, storytelling and specific direction, informing the reader of how the process of healing of family patterns began and developed in her own life as well as in the lives of her clients.

After discussing her theory of the healing process, including a section on the scientific theory, the last part of the book takes the reader on a step-by-step instructional phase informing the reader of the healing technique the author calls Ancestral Lineage Clearing. This gives a unique perspective to help the reader reach the innermost depth to resolve complex long-standing family challenges.

The book describes how to:
1. discover negative core beliefs to remove,
2. set intentions for removal of negative beliefs,
3. set up a sacred altar,
4. follow a journey to an ancestor
5. choose a different life path in the past
6. reset the energy pattern
7. release the old energy pattern and reset the new energy, and
8. begin a new pattern of health, love, freedom, prosperity and love in the present.

The book is an fascinating introduction to the world of ancestors, how they affect our families and how we can ask and receive their help in own lives."