“Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space” by Robert Masters and Jean Houston (older 1972 edition)

"Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space" by Robert Masters and Jean Houston (older 1972 edition)

"Here is the key instruction book to the mind games…exercises of education, ecstasy, entertainment, self-exploration, powerful games of growth. Masters and Houston, both human-potentials researchers of considerable experience and the authors of the 'Varieties of Psychedelic Experience,' describe and instruct the reader-player in the mental exercises they have developed scientifically to alter, explore, and regulate human consciousness.

Almost anyone can play. The product of the authors' extensive researches at NY's Foundation for Mind Research, the mind games' message is hopeful: that the powers of the human being are sufficient to deal with the problems that confront us; that man is not something that has to be surpassed, but something yet to be realized. Mind games is a yoga for the West…one that draws on the findings of contemporary psychological, psychiatric, and other investigations of consciousness and latent capacities and their productive applications. There are no drug-induced practices involved…

Mind games can teach anyone to use what the authors call the 'mind-brain system' more effectively; the games can improve sensory perception, magnify or accelerate mental processes, and retrieve forgotten or inhibited faculties"