“Ancient Egyptian Magic” by Bob Brier (1981 edition)

"Ancient Egyptian Magic" by Bob Brier (1981 edition)

"Ancient Egyptian Magic is the first authoritative modern work on the occult practices that pervaded all aspects of life in ancient Egypt. Based on fascinating archaeological discoveries, it includes everything from how to write your name in hieroglyphs to the proper way to bury a king, as well as:

Tools and training of magicians

Interpreting dreams

Ancient remedies for headaches, cataracts, and indigestion

Wrapping a mummy

Recipes for magic potions and beauty creams

Explanations of amulets and pyramid power

A spell to entice a lover

A fortune-telling calendar

These subjects and many more will appeal to everyone interested in Egyptology, magic, parapsychology, and the occult; or ancient religions and mythology."

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