“Paranormal Abilities: The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science” by Pang Ming

"Paranormal Abilities: The Techniques of Zhineng Qigong Science" by Pang Ming

"This seminal book by Dr Pang covers both theory on paranormal abilities and methods to develop and use them for healing. The book provides a systematic explanation and classification of different abilities. It describes traditional methods for obtaining and using them, along with more effective modifications and techniques.

Dr Pang wanted to make it easier for people to develop paranormal abilities and use them for the public good. He encouraged scientific research to better understand and utilise such abilities. He stated that such abilities are needed for each individual's practice to reach a higher level, and to develop qigong as a science. This is Wei Qi Feng and Patricia Fraser's third Dr Pang translation. As with their other books, supporting material enhances the original text, including a glossary and diagrams of energy points.

This book can be used to better understand paranormal abilities. It is an important guide for those who wish to develop or strengthen such abilities."