“Hex Appeal: Seductive Spells for the Sassy Sorceress” by Lucy Summers

"Hex Appeal: Seductive Spells for the Sassy Sorceress" by Lucy Summers

"Lucy Summers puts a lighthearted face on witchcraft as she offers girl-to-girl advice on charms, chants, and other spellbinding methods for attracting guys and making dating problems vanish in that proverbial puff of smoke. Presented in a fun-to-read question-and-answer format, her brand-new Hex Appeal shows how to

Captivate that dream guy with potent potions to make his head spin
Make unwanted admirers disappear with a powerful banishing spell
Discover witchcraft secret ingredients that give a girl true hex appeal

Stylishly chic color illustrations, a handy checklist for each magic hex, and easy instructions on how to activate the spells combine to make this entertaining volume a fun guide on how to become the most bewitching babe in town."