“Spiritual Warfare: Master the Power of Your Thoughts – 6 Months of Daily Lessons” by Black Witch S

"Spiritual Warfare: Master the Power of Your Thoughts - 6 Months of Daily Lessons" by Black Witch S

"The Spiritual Warfare Course is designed to make you a powerful spell caster, by using the powers which lay dormant in you. By the end of this 6-month course you will have the skills to enter a Trance State, Visualize, Meditate, Cast spells, Cleanse your chakras, Work with energy, Invoke, Evoke, Create a Thoughtform, find your spiritual guide, and much more.

As a witch or an individual looking to connect with source energy, you must be open to a new way of looking at the world around you. You must be willing to challenge some of your old programming, and ask yourself why you believe in what you believe. Some of your old beliefs maybe holding you back from authentic connection with the spiritual world. This in turn, will effect your ability to be a strong spellcaster and a powerful witch.

Spiritual warfare is fighting your own limiting programing and beliefs about the spiritual world. You must understand that modern religions are exactly that – modern! They are man made concepts. Religion and connection to source energy existed long before the stories of the current “GOD”. Believing in these modern religious stories will limit you, as they are filled with stories to invoke you into a state of fear. They are designed to control and manipulate your mind. You will need to research the origins of religion and study the foundation of the current religions to come to your own understanding. The truth will set you free!"