“The Magician’s Reflection” by Bill Whitcomb

"The Magician's Reflection" by Bill Whitcomb

"Increasingly we live immersed in a symbolic environment that mediates between ourselves and the world around us. Our modern use of symbols gives us great power, but only if we are aware of how we symbolize ourselves and our world. The Magician’s Reflection helps us reveal the hidden nature of reality. This new expanded edition provides methods to create your own personal symbol systems enabling you to consciously use your symbols to better understand and manifest your desires.

Written by the author of ‘The Magician’s Companion’, this indispensable desk reference contains material for the working magician but will also be of value to writer, designers and artists of all types. Easy to follow exercises and procedures guide the reader through such topics as:
-Become more aware of your symbolic surroundings
-Working with archetypes
-Creating personal mythology-
-Using metals, minerals and other substances as physical alphabets
-Developing your own dialogue with the world
-Assembling Custom Spiritual Guides
-Creating personal symbols for success"