“How to Acquire & Take Care of Magickal Creatures” by Charles Mage

"How to Acquire & Take Care of Magickal Creatures" by Charles Mage

"How to Acquire & Take Care of Magickal Creatures is an occult manual that will teach you the ancient practice of acquiring creatures of magick as pets or familiars as well as how you should take good care of them. Magickal creatures are wonderful allies in magick. They can help you in your magical workings. They are also excellent friends to have on your side. For centuries, witches and magicians have used creatures of magick as helpers. Now is the time for the unveiling, for now is the time for you to learn this ancient and secret practice. Are you ready to acquire a magickal creature for yourself? Are you ready to have a helper who would willingly do your will?

How to Acquire & Take Care of Magickal Creatures will definitely take your magical practice to the next level. Whether you are a beginner in the occult arts or a well-experienced practitioner who is looking to level up your craft, then this occult handbook is for you. It is worth noting that magickal creatures are not just excellent allies in your workings, but they can also be great friends. It is not a secret that there are a good number of witches and sorcerers who have made lasting friendships and special bonds with their familiars/pets."