“Prosperity Magick: Working With Spells, Spirits And Rituals” by Joel King

"Prosperity Magick: Working With Spells, Spirits And Rituals" by Joel King

" How To Transform Your Life With Magick In Prosperity Magick, author Joel King uncovers the secret and powerful magickal tools enjoyed by many practitioners of the occult. This is for those who want to experience an amazing life of peace, expansion and prosperity. This is for serious magick workers who wish to utilize ancient techniques for improving lives for themselves and for those close to them.

Whether your craft focuses on Chaos Magick, Wicca, as a Pagan, spells, or any other type of focus, Prosperity Magick can be incorporated into any magick paradigm.

Utilize the power of alchemy. Enhance your rituals. Create the reality you desire. Transform your life with the power of magick."