“Alcoholism: The Hidden Significance” by Douglas M. Baker

"Alcoholism: The Hidden Significance" by Douglas M. Baker

"Finally, a world renowned esoteric teacher and medical doctor has put it all together in a factual, hard-hitting, but loving and encouraging guide towards healing those of us, or a loved one near us, influenced by excessive alcohol consumption!

This book is a masterly work, absolutely second to none! Alcoholism has become a major problem lacing civilization today. The stress of modern living, more money in the pocket, increased leisure time, and the availability of alcohol have all been blamed for this increase. But what of the deeper underlying causes of Alcoholism, the karmic origins of the disorder and the esoteric implications of this unquenchable thirst for Spirit? The author, with his medical training and long association with the esoteric, is uniquely qualified to answer these questions. He begins by discussing the effects of alcoholism especially on those subtle etheric and astral structures that form part of the human aura. The type of previous life circumstances and the karma that could lead to a life of dependence on alcohol is also considered. Finally Dr. Baker presents us with various treatments designed to heal the inner man and enable him to begin the long road to wholeness and integration."