“Protection Magik: Magik to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe” by David Thompson

"Protection Magik: Magik to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe" by David Thompson

"Start your journey to protecting yourself with magik today with Protection Magik. This book will provide you with the knowledge and power to protect yourself from dark, negative energy, entities, and curses. Empower yourself by learning how to counter any attack with simple shielding, talismans, amulets, and counter-curses.

I don't follow the "love and light" methods of protection magik. I will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on how to be secure and protect yourself from malicious intent.

Benefits of this book:
-Gain the confidence to protect yourself from dark energy, entities, and curses
-Achieve peace of mind knowing you are secure from malicious intent
-Learn how to use talismans, amulets, counter-curses, and effective shielding
-Discover simple methods to defeat the source of attacks
-Sigils and protection magik using powerful gods & goddesses
-End the need for expensive fortune tellers

What's included in the book:
-Different kinds of magikal protection
-How to create powerful talismans and amulets
-Techniques for shielding and deflecting negative energy
-Counter-curses for protection
-Rituals to powerful spirits who specialize in protection and counter-attacks
-How to identify and break family curses"