“A Changed Mind: Go Beyond Self Awareness, Rewire Your Brain & Reengineer Your Reality” by David Bayer

"A Changed Mind: Go Beyond Self Awareness, Rewire Your Brain & Reengineer Your Reality" by David Bayer

"The story of one man’s journey to go beyond self awareness and the science of how to actually change your mind.

In his groundbreaking, seminal book, visionary leader and transformational teacher David Bayer offers a revolutionary approach to personal growth and spiritual evolution, taking complex concepts from the fields of behavioral psychology, neurophysiology, quantum field theory, and spiritual tradition and distilling them into a powerful, practical, integrative framework for reclaiming personal and emotional sovereignty and having what Bayer calls "a powerful living experience".

Through the authentic and vulnerable sharing of his own story of struggle, childhood trauma, addiction, and burnout, Bayer takes the reader on a journey of going beyond self awareness and self help to learn how to actually rewire your brain, downregulate your nervous system, and consciously create an extraordinary life.

A Changed Mind is an instruction manual for understanding the human being operating system and how to reclaim control over your thoughts, emotions, and life at a time when emotional intelligence, self awareness, and spiritual connection are essential skills for navigating the increasingly complex and uncertain external dynamics of modern-day life.

Whether you are new to personal growth or have been on a journey of growth for decades, wanting to overcome depression and anxiety or perform at a higher level, connect more deeply with a power greater than yourself or free yourself from the incessant negative chatter of the mind—A Changed Mind is the missing piece every growth-oriented and spiritually minded individual needs in order to achieve sustainable health, happiness, joy, and prosperity, and ultimately realize their full potential."