“Daoist Psycho-Techniques and Meditation” by Samuel Greenberg

"Daoist Psycho-Techniques and Meditation" by Samuel Greenberg

"Take control of your life and be happy!
In this book you will find Taoist exercises and meditation techniques that will teach you to live in harmony with the modern world and nature, prevent and treat the most common diseases and health conditions, cleanse your body and mind of toxins, increase immunity and resistance to physical and emotional stress, overwork and burnout. You will learn how to recharge your body and brain with fresh energy and start living life to the fullest.

What is inside the book?
You will learn how to accumulate energy, direct it in the right direction, open the blocked passages of the body and remove all toxins and impurities from it. The exercises and techniques described in the book will help you, on a subconscious level, unleash all your potentials, abilities and reserves and achieve all your goals and dreams in your professional and personal life. They will also protect you from the influence of energy vampires or, in simple terms, from bad people with bad intentions towards you and your loved ones.

Learn to control the body and mind in subconscious and unconscious way
These special exercises will strengthen your nervous system so that it can withstand increasingly strong emotional outbursts without nervous and mental exhaustion, help you avoid negative experiences and restore your energy and strength if you notice the slightest signs of fatigue or exhaustion. They will help you improve your personal qualities, such as attention, abilities, character, temperament, health and quality of your life.

Be the Boss of your own life"