“Power Before Wisdom Primer: Learning Magick the Dangerous Way” by Scott Reimers

"Power Before Wisdom Primer: Learning Magick the Dangerous Way" by Scott Reimers

"So you want to Learn Magick?

Good. It’s about time! In 2006 I started sharing my experiences in magick online at http://powerbeforewisdom.com hoping to attract opportunities to learn deeper magicks than the ones I’d encountered. It worked! I continued journeying and along the way I kept writing. At this point Power Before Wisdom has had over 1 Million Readers! One by one they asked me: “Teach us the Basics!”

Thus… a Primer! This book is a tool set. Magic experiences chronicled and shared to open the door to all of the crazy magicks that you’ve been told don’t exist and yet you have known deep within really DO. Divination, Telepathy, Empathy, Dealing with Spirits, Summoning Gods, Possession, Energy Healing, Magickal Confusions and much more.

This Primer is written for the Western Mind to ensure a solid foundation for deeper understandings. The more naturally gifted you are the more quickly you will master each concept; however, even if you think you've never experienced a single thing, as you read this book you'll find yourself saying, "That thing I do is magick? And I can do it better?! COOL!"

After you read this book and understand the concepts within, you will have a foundation of practice that will not only change your day to day life, but will lay the groundwork for some of the REALLY incredible stuff. You should be able to walk into most any group formed by westerners and have all of the fundamentals of practice to be an effective practitioner.

There are more flashy magicks than the ones I teach here; however, if you want magick which makes your life better, this book is the most useful of the list!

Good Luck and Have Fun!
Scott Reimers"