“Technomancy Unveiled: The Beginner’s Guide to the Digital Arcane” by Occultus Angelus

"Technomancy Unveiled: The Beginner's Guide to the Digital Arcane" by Occultus Angelus

"Unlock the mysteries of technomancy and discover the power within the digital arcane with Technomancy Unveiled. This thought-provoking and transformative book takes readers on an enthralling journey through the world of digital magick, teaching a wealth of information and useful strategies that meld traditional magickal principles with modern technological advancements.

Explore how to use common software to achieve desired results, unlock technology's potential to support your intentions and objectives, and learn the craft of ritualized coding to imbue code with intention and transform it into potent spells. Plus, take advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance your technomantic practice and explore new levels of self-discovery.

This beginner's guide to technomancy is packed with invaluable information, including:
– Learn to cast transformational spells in the world of bits and bytes and become a digital alchemist
– Adopt a thoughtful and deliberate approach to your online interactions to forge meaningful connections
– Equip yourself with the skills necessary to navigate the digital world with meaning, connection, and the potential for transformation
– Discover the background of technomancy and how it has changed in the modern era"