“The Dreaming Mind: Understanding Consciousness During Sleep” by Melanie G. Rosen

"The Dreaming Mind: Understanding Consciousness During Sleep" by Melanie G. Rosen

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"The Dreaming Mind provides an insightful, interdisciplinary approach to the study of dreaming, exploring its nature and examining some of the implications of dream states for theories of consciousness, cognition, and the self.

Drawing on research from philosophy, cognitive science, and psychology, the book reveals new insights into the sleeping and waking mind. It considers philosophical thinking such as extended mind theory, theories of consciousness and theories of the self, applying these to empirical dream research. The book embraces a pluralistic account of dreaming, showing how dream experiences can be highly varied in content and cognition and discusses the implications of dreaming for a variety of influential consciousness theories, including higher-order thought theory, global workspace theory and the phenomenal/access distinction. Alongside imaginative and hallucinatory dreaming, the book also discusses vicarious dreaming and its implications for philosophy of the self.

Offering an integrative approach into our understanding of dreams and the mind, this book is essential reading for students and researchers of consciousness, dreams, philosophy, and cognitive sciences, as well as anyone who is curious about dreaming."