“The Reality Pirate’s Guide to Your Paranormal Normal” by Zoli Althea Browne

"The Reality Pirate's Guide to Your Paranormal Normal" by Zoli Althea Browne

"Reality is not what it used to be. In this time of uncertainty, we choose hope and wisdom over fear of the unknown. That which can be sensed in the physical is not all that exists. The Reality Pirate’s Guide to Your Paranormal Normal delves into the unseen and unexplained.

Explore supernatural concepts and spiritual insight on topics you are curious to know more about:
Normalizing mysticism
Uncovering portals connecting dimensions
Discovering off-worlder populations
Challenging perceptions of evil
Mental healing through meditation and service

Expand your reality and embrace the normalcy of paranormal experiences through the unique lens of the Reality Pirate. The only constant is change. Find comfort instead of fear. Seek answers instead of uncertainty."