“Liber Divinationum Speculorum” by Eugene Faust

"Liber Divinationum Speculorum" by Eugene Faust

"Liber Divinationum Speculorum is a practical esoteric manual for scrying divination. Through the scrying medium, using the various spiritual exercises provided in this book, you will learn how to develop deeper levels of mental and psychic awareness, and be able to perform readings with greater potency and accuracy.

Unlike other books written on this subject, there are no shortcuts or special tricks provided for the reader to learn. What is presented instead are the personal spiritual tools to help you explore an often misunderstood and under valued psychic medium. In this book, scrying is presented through the lens of trance induction, and deepening levels of conscious and unconscious imagining, to manifest fuller and more meaningful interaction with psychic ability – encouraging the reader to more confidently scry for themselves and their clients. If you are willing to put in the effort with these exercises, you will be able to scry effectively."

thx to Ciprian