“The Magic of Theurgy: Aspiring to the Gods” by Anton Kruger

"The Magic of Theurgy: Aspiring to the Gods" by Anton Kruger

"The core message of this book is that the gods have placed a spark of eternal happiness at the core of our being — our immortal aspect. We ignite this spark into a living flame by living our lives not for ourselves, but for the gods. This work is a unique integration of magical, devotional and mystic practices drawn from the ancient traditions combined with insights from personal practice.

Presented here are a series of discourses on the practice of Theurgic Magic. Theurgy is the ancient term given to pagan devotional practices that result in personal transformation and ascension. You will find here explanations of the nature of the gods, a meditation to contact the personal daemon, daily invocations to the seven planetary gods, the practical use of ancient philosophic wisdom, a mystical way to practice the presence of the gods, How to commune with the sun and beautiful long invocations to Minerva, Neptune and Proserpina. This work is for pagans who wish to elevate their practice to breakthrough level."