“Find Your Soul Path: Discover the Sacred Life Within”

"Find Your Soul Path: Discover the Sacred Life Within"

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"Find your Soul Path seamlessly blends spirituality with self-help as it seeks to give the reader the tools to begin to live in a more conscious way. Author and eclectic witch Emma Griffin shows the reader how to discover their soul-purpose and move through the world in a way that starts from a place of purpose and authenticity and allows that to radiate out. Starting in the home, all areas of life are explored, with mindfulness, intuition, and empowerment leading the way. A fantastic introduction to developing a spiritual practice, Find your Soul Path is a gentle exploration of the most easily accessible aspects of witchcraft presented — alongside genuinely helpful life advice – in a way that will appeal to those interested in new age spirituality and the role it can play in modern life.

Written with the busy modern woman in mind, ideas and tips for practical ways to find moments of peace and connection are included that are easy to fit into everyday life, such as creating a morning ritual, a bath ritual and journaling prompts. Author Emma Griffin shares her wisdom and sage advice, gained over a lifetime of seeking deep connection with nature and the soul, for moving through the challenges of the modern world in an empowered way that celebrates the divine feminine.

With a focus on connecting to the true self, Find Your Soul Path presents the ancient wisdom of womanhood to a new generation of witches and the spiritually curious, with easily followed rituals for celebrating the sabbats of the Wheel of the Year and practical journaling exercises that help the reader to dive deep on their quest for personal peace and enlightenment.

A beginner's guide, this is a book for the open-minded reader who is interested in getting in touch with their more spiritual side, and exploring how they can use their intuition to lead a life that feels more authentic and full of intention."