“How to Resolve Anything and Manifest Everything” by Richard Dotts

"How to Resolve Anything and Manifest Everything" by Richard Dotts

"Most people go through life attempting to manifest new conditions without first resolving the longstanding ones that bother them in their lives. This is like trying to plant new flowers in a garden already overgrown with weeds. When you try to manifest amid turbulent situations or perceived issues, you work against the flow of all your existing counter-intentions with little or no results.

In his latest book, How to Resolve Anything and Manifest Everything, international bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts explains why you must always fully resolve BEFORE you manifest. This means clearing up all the perceived issues, problems, and hurdles that stand in the way before intending new possibilities. It also means manifesting from a completely clean and fresh slate, untainted by existing beliefs or concepts about what manifestations should or could be.

Join Richard as he shows readers why the old ways of attempting to suppress, ignore, or deny the existence of your issues do not work. Instead, the higher way is to resolve them completely and dissolve the underlying energetic patterns perpetuating these problems. Richard teaches that it doesn’t matter what the “content” of your problem is. It doesn’t matter how long they have been in place or how persistent the issues have been. They could relate to any area of your life—your finances, health, career, job, or relationships.

The only thing that matters is that you first apply the full resolution energy needed to dissolve the energetic cause of these issues before attempting to manifest new and more desirable conditions. When you take the first step to resolving these issues, you free up the space for new possibilities to quickly manifest.

When you walk around as high-frequency resolution energy, you will be able to quickly dissolve undesirable, longstanding situations in your life to a natural state. That is when you can apply the second part of these teachings to quickly and effectively manifest what you want in life. Resolving the issues in your life does not mean visualizing a better outcome or insisting that things go a certain way. Rather, it is about dissolving everything back to an unstated, neutral state."