“(IN)VISIBLE: Out of Body Experiences and Explorations into the Afterlife—The Monroe Method” by Oliver Tappe

"(IN)VISIBLE: Out of Body Experiences and Explorations into the Afterlife—The Monroe Method" by Oliver Tappe

"From mere curiosity to a profound cosmic quest, Oliver Tappe's journey into the mysteries of consciousness is nothing short of thrilling. When the insightful sentence, "I am more than my physical body", by the legendary consciousness explorer Robert A. Monroe, piqued his interest, little did Oliver know that he was stepping into a vortex of life-altering experiences.

(IN)VISIBLE catapults readers into Oliver's spellbinding forays into realms beyond the tangible. What started as a mere visit to the Monroe Institute in Virginia transformed into a more than two-decade-long voyage through dimensions that defy physical comprehension. With every out-of-body experience (OBE), Oliver not only traversed these ethereal realms but also unraveled insights that reshaped his understanding of life and death.

With rich, evocative narratives, Oliver unveils the Monroe Method — offering a guiding light for those daring to navigate the astral planes. He shares his trials, his training, and his transformative realizations. Journey with him as he refines his extrasensory perceptions, confronts the challenges of astral projection, and unveils the mysteries of existence beyond the mortal coil.

While (IN)VISIBLE doesn't hand you a step-by-step playbook, it does something far more profound. Oliver extends an invitation — a call to the curious, the seekers, and the spiritually inclined — to pierce the veil, push the boundaries of what we know, and dive deep into the vast ocean of consciousness.

Are you ready to challenge everything you thought you knew?"