“Demonolatry Rites” edited by S. Connolly

"Demonolatry Rites" edited by S. Connolly

"A book of 20 never before published Demonolatry Rites chosen for their varied styles, beauty, heartfelt creation and effectiveness. Rituals included come from solitary practitioners, members of the priesthood, adepts, and sects from across the U.S.. Many rites included from S. Connolly's private grimoires.

From devotional rites to Satan, to experimental rites utilizing pyramids, pillars, and the nine divinities instead of circles and the elementals — and rites to protect your car, this book leaves no stone un-turned. This is a raw, uncensored look at how real Demonolators practice Demonolatry in our modern era. Please note the revision removes one of the old rituals and introduces more rituals from S. Connolly's private grimoires. See the preview for new inclusions."