“Heart Magick: Wiccan Rituals for Self-Love and Self-Care” by Harmony Nice

"Heart Magick: Wiccan Rituals for Self-Love and Self-Care" by Harmony Nice

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"For modern-day witches and those following a Wiccan lifestyle, Heart Magick shows you how to find your authentic self, connect with the earth, and discover how to create beauty in every day.

Harmony Nice is at the heart of a growing community of modern-day witches who practice natural magick to improve their own lives and the world around them. Throughout this book, she takes you on a healing journey offering advice on how to make positive change and expand your awareness through daily practices, magic, and rituals. With a focus on the mind, body and soul, Harmony teaches us to truly enjoy life to the fullest. Celebrating the smaller moments and illustrating how the Wiccan religion can help to create positive energy in all areas of our lives.

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Heart Magick is as much for someone reapproaching their craft as it is for someone completely new to the Wiccan way of life. Harmony has made the Wicca teachings accessible for anyone, with each chapter containing practical rituals and questions that can be used to prompt both self-reflection and self-improvement. She opens up the world of magick and shows that it is both a tool for connecting with the natural world and our internal selves."